Foire aux questions - Icône point d'exclamation


The following is a list of questions we are frequently asked. If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us.

What is OPEQ’s role ?

Where are OPEQ computers coming from?

What do you do with obsolete hardware?

How many devices have been redeployed since the beginning of the program in 1998?

Who repairs and reconditions the computers that you receive?

Which schools, non-profit day-care centers (CPE) or non-profit organizations are entitled to receive computer systems?

How can I confirm if our organization is eligible to acquire computer systems from OPEQ?

Why should you order from OPEQ?

Where can I get the list of products that you offer?

May I order directly from the workshop?

What are the limits on the requests for computer equipment?

May an organization submit more than one request per year?

How much will delivery costs amount to?

Who ensures that OPEQ follows the standards on environment, health, safety and security?