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We offer a FREE turnkey service to all businesses willing to donate more than 60 devices (computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, smartphones and/or printers).

Turn-key service

  • Free pick-up of your equipment by an accredited private messenger service (minimum 60 devices).
  • Data and identity security: be assured that all your confidential information (logos and company identification) will be removed and that your hard drives will be erased using software that meets the standards of the Recyclers Qualification Office (RQO) and the Royal Gendarmerie of Canada (RCMP).
  • Eco-Responsible Recycling: Recycling obsolete hardware in compliance with environmental regulations from the RQO.
  • Donation receipt: Obtaining an official donation receipt for income tax purposes amounting to the market value of the equipment (only for reusable equipment).

What can you donate to OPEQ ?

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