Entreprise - Icône

We offer a FREE turnkey service to all businesses willing to donate more than 15 devices (computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, smartphones and/or printers).

What does our service turn-key include?

  • Free pick-up of your equipment by an accredited private messenger service (minimum 15 devices).
  • Data security. Wiping out your hard drives from DSX or Dban software, approved by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
  • Ecorecycling. Recycling obsolete hardware in compliance with up-to-date environmental regulations.
  • Donation receipt. Obtaining an official donation receipt for income tax purposes amounting to the market value of the reusable equipment.

What can you donate to OPEQ ?

What is the procedure to donate ?

How about recycling fees ?

Computing equipment donation form