It is worthwhile to ask OPEQ for a computer system. Our mission is to give or sell at low cost Eco-responsible computers that will satisfy our clients needs.

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Asking OPEQ for a computer system enables you to:

  • Obtain powerful equipment adapted to your needs for little or no cost.
  • Enjoy the use of a system packaged with a warranty on the computer and monitor, pre-installed operating system and peripherals.
  • Benefit from a personalized configuration by our certified technicians.
  • Leverage your acquisition with an additional upgrade and a turn-key service.
  • Encourage social integration of young people who acquire work experience in our workshops.

Requests for computer systems must meet the following criteria :

  • The equipment must remain the property of the requesting institution and on-site, at the institution.
  • The equipment must be used to enhance teaching and learning activities.