The CLIC OPEQ program allows low-income families to benefit from a table computer at a very affordable price. This computer will play a significant element for academic or professional career of the members of these families.

Note: Individuals can not make requests by themselves; all requests MUST come from an organization. In addition, the organization must validate the eligibility of beneficiaries.

Which organization can help you order a computer?
Community organizations directly involved with low-income clienteles may act as applicants with OPEQ. Most cities have directories of community organizations that could help you.

Eligible organizations:

  • An organization that is already a client at OPEQ;
  • An NPO with a Quebec Enterprise Number (NEQ).

If you are part of a community organization, you can invite a supervisor to contact us in order to take note of program’s details and how to order.

To contact us:
Phone: 1 877 617-6737, option 2, 2
E-mail: demande@opeq.qc.ca

Search for an organization
Here are some resources to help you find an organization:
Everywhere in Quebec :
this site allows you to search for charities according to your city.


211 service by region :
This site allows you to serach for community organizations in différent regions of Quebec.
Community organizations

The laptop includes an internal or external webcam and 120GB SSD and 8GB (RAM).
COST : $95  – Product Code : POR-EC003
The laptop includes an internal or external webcam (depending on availability)  and  240GB SSD and 16GB (RAM).
COST : $165  – Product Code : POR-EC004

Système de base
Basic System
The basic system includes a computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse.
COST: $85 – Product Code: ORD-EC004-BASE
Casque et micro
Kit for Video teleconference
To the Basic System, we are adding web camera and headset with built-in microphone. The user can thus participate in conference calls.
COST: $135 – Product Code: ORD-EC009

Caméra webKit for Video teleconference
More powerful computer, with a web camera and a headset with built-in microphone. The user can thus participate in video conferences.
COST: $165 – Product Code: ORD-EC010


What computer equiment will you receive?


The CFS program is financed in part by the government of Canada.

        • All equipment is refurbished in one of our six workshops.


Preparation time

The deadline for a CLIC OPEQ order is currently:
20 working days
(excluding the delivery time of the transport company)

To ensure the safety of our employees and customers,
we have implemented physical distancing and hygiene measures in our sorting centers
and workshops. By adding to these measures a reduced workforce
and an increase in our order book, production times can exceed our usual delay.

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