Programme CLIC

The CLIC OPEQ program allows low-income families to benefit from a table computer at a very affordable price. This computer will play a significant element for academic or professional career of the members of these families.

Note: Individuals can not make requests by themselves; all requests MUST come from an organization. In addition, the organization must validate the eligibility of beneficiaries.

Which organization can help you order a computer?
Community organizations directly involved with low-income clienteles may act as applicants with OPEQ. Most cities have directories of community organizations that could help you.

Eligible organizations:

  • An organization that is already a client at OPEQ;
  • An NPO with a Quebec Enterprise Number (NEQ).

If you are part of a community organization, you can invite a supervisor to contact us in order to take note of program’s details and how to order.

To contact us:
Phone: 1 877 617-6737, option 2, 2
E-mail: demande@opeq.qc.ca



What computer equiment will you receive?


The CFS program is financed in part by the government of Canada.