LCD-20/21 (MA)



  • LCD Monitor
  • Minor imperfections
  • Refurbished
  • Size: 20 or 21 in.
  • 3 months warranty

Please take note that the size of the monitor will be chosen by our technicians according to the availability of equipment in the workshop.

Please, specify the cable type required for your computer.
(See images below)


OPEQ’s mission is to maximize the value of IT equipment. Monitors have a slight aesthetic imperfections (such as a scratched surface or discoloration) or a slight accessory defect that does not affect the performance of the equipment. You will enjoy an efficient equipment, but at an attractive price.

Images is for illustrative purposes only; models may differ.


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Unit price

55 $

  • Please provide us with information about the type of connection on your computer so that we can send you the appropriate video cable.