The OPEQ CLIC program allows low-income families to purchase a refurbished desktop computer at low cost.

Intended for family use, this computer will play a significant role in the academic or professional journey of all family members.

All applications MUST come from organizations that will validate the eligibility of the beneficiary of an OPEQ computer.

The criteria

  • Financial status must be below the low income cut-off as per "Low Income Cut-Offs (1992 Basis) before tax" table from Statistics Canada and the following columns:
    • "Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)"
    • Size of family unit.
      Size of
      family unit
      Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)​
      Less than
      500,000 inhabitants
      500,000 inhabitants
      or more
      1 person $20366 $23647
      2 persons $25353 $29440
      3 persons $31168 $36193
      4 persons $37843 $43942
      5 persons $42920 $49839
      6 persons $48408 $56209
      persons $53894 $62581
  • A family computer would play a significant role in the academic or professional journey of all family members.

What computer equiment will you receive?

Desktop Computer:

  • AMD processor (Phenom II X4)
  • 160 GB (Hard Drive)
  • 4 GB (RAM)
  • Linux Mint (English or French)
  • Libre Office Suite
  • Windows 10 (English or French)


  • The computer, screen, keyboard and mouse are guaranteed 1 year by the OPEQ workshop partner (see the warranty policy).
  • OPEQ is not responsible for technical assistance in the use of computer equipment or software.

Note: laptops are excluded from the CLIC program.

Computer/Screen Pricing

 Product Code Description Operating System​ Features Price
EC003 Desktop Computer
AMD Phenom II X4
4 GB of RAM
160 GB Hard Drive
1 year warranty
(in workshop)
Windows 10 N/A $60
EC004 Same Windows 10 Wifi card for wireless network $90

* Note : all equipment is refurbished in one of  our 6 workshops.


  1. To whom do I submit my request?
    Applications for computers must originate from organizations authorized by OPEQ. Several organizations in your area will advertize the program on their website or in their office. Here is an organization found throughout Quebec that can help you prepare an application: Fédération québécoise des organizations communautaires Famille (FQOCF): Fédération québécoise des organismes communautaires Famille (FQOCF)
  2. Is there a charge associated to this computer?​
    The program is not free; the amount billed is used to pay for licenses, transportation and handling, as well as new parts added to the computer.
  3. Who do I pay for my computer?​
    The organizations are responsible for collecting the sums from the beneficiaries or for financing them by means specific to the organization.
  4. What options are available?​
    There are 4 systems available. The options are already predefined and cannot be changed. You can choose between a Linux or Windows operating system and a computer with or without a Wi-Fi network card.
  5. What is the difference between a Linux and a Windows system?
    Linux is a free operating system. It is developed and enhanced by a community of programmers from around the world who want to offer an alternative to paying operating systems like Microsoft Windows. Both systems are used to operate the computer, save data on the hard disk, manage memory and peripherals such as printers, mouse and keyboard.
    However, please keep in mind that: a software developed for Windows will not work with Linux. But there are thousands of equivalent software for Linux that are free.
  6. What is a Wifi card?
    When you add a WiFi card to your computer, you can use it from anywhere in your home without having to connect a network cable between your router and the computer. You will therefore have access to Internet everywhere, provided you are within reach of your wireless router.
  7. Delivery​
    The organization hands over the computers to the beneficiaries.

Which organization can help you order a computer?

Fédération québécoise des organismes communautaires Famille (FQOCF)has agreed to assist individuals to apply under the OPEQ CLIC program. All members of the FQOCF have been informed of the existence of the program and should be able to assist you in the application process.

To locate the closest organization to you, please visit www.fqocf.org and use the locator to identify the organization to contact.


Le programme OPE est financé en partie par le gouvernement du Canada.