Public Administration

Public Administration

Ministries and government organisations are important eco-partners for the OPEQ program. Please find below the directives to send us your computing equipment at the end of their lifecycle.

Directive for Provincial Ministry

There are two directives for provincial ministries wanting to donate hardware to OPEQ:

1- Ministries subjected must fill the appropriate form to obtain a surplus disposal slip. For more information, please communicate with the customer service of Service de la gestion et de la disposition des biens (SGDB):

Québec: 418 528-2699
Elsewhere in Québec: 1 877 590-2699

(After receiving the surplus disposal slip, communicate with the OPEQ Call Center. You will be given an OPEQ confirmation number that needs to be apposed on your hardware as a reference. OPEQ reserves the right to return improperly tagged equipment at the donator’s expense.)

2- Ministries not subjected to La Direction générale des acquisitons can communicate directly with the OPEQ Call Center to inquire about the shipping procedure when donating.

Directive for Federal Ministry

All federal ministries must fill and send a surplus form prior to donating hardware to OPEQ.

Download the form

For more information or to submit your form, write to the following email:

Upon reception of form, an OPEQ representative will contact you to coordinate the shipping.

Which hardware do we accept?

  • Desktop computers, laptops, servers
  • Tablets (iPad, Android, Microsoft)
  • Smartphones
  • LCD Monitors
  • Laser printers
  • Projectors
  • Keyboards and mice

Should you have anything else to donate, please communicate with the OPEQ Call Center.