More than 1050 private companies have given us their computers and peripherals since the beginning of the program, many on a regular basis. We are also appointed by provincial and federal ministries to recover obsolete equipment from their on-going IT infrastructure upgrades.

By entrusting your equipment to OPEQ, you will help a school, a library, a non-profit day-care (CPE), or learning center.

In addition to the following positive outcomes:

Protection of your data and identity

Assurance that all your confidential information (logos and organization ID) will be suppressed by wiping out the hard drives via a software up to the standards of the Recycler Qualification Office (RQO) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

For added security, we recommend that you delete the contents of your hard drives before sending them for reuse or recycling. Several tools (free or not) are available to erase properly your hard drives.

For example:

Quick and free service

Your donations are picked up at no charge within 24 to 48 hours (with a minimum of 15 items).

Donation receipt

Upon request, you will receive a donation receipt for income tax purposes for reusable equipment.

Become an OPEQ eco-partner

  • Thru reuse: you will add value to your equipment since the reusable computers will be refurbished. 
  • Thru eco-responsible recycling: you will reduce significantly the contamination of the environment from harmful material.
  • By supporting our social mission: you will facilitate social insertion of young adults thru the acquisition of work experience and practical knowledge related to computer upgrade and repair.

What hardware is accepted?

  • Desktop computers, laptops and servers
  • Tablets (iPad), smartphones 
  • LCD monitors 
  • Laser printers 
  • Keyboards and mice

You can view our complete line of products in our on-line catalogue.