Green Mission

Green Mission

Since 1998, OPEQ has reduced the burial of harmful material in the environment by more than 13 500 tons by reusing and recycling computing equipment.

Everyone should be concerned and dispose responsibly and ecologically of their computers and peripherals. To entrust us with your equipment is to contribute to the protection of the environment!

All computers handed over to us are transferred to our sorting center to be tested, cleaned-up and reformatted. Many are rejected because not powerful enough for our clients’ needs or because of significant defects. Discarded hardware is dismantled and forwarded to our recycling partners for safe disposal, in compliance with the current environmental standards. OPEQ only deals with qualified recycling companies that operate according to the industry standards and regulations. Each year, OPEQ prevents thousands of tons of toxic computing waste from being dumped in the environment.

Reusing: reduces the production of greenhouse gasses

Refurbishing existing computers produces ten times less greenhouse gasses than manufacturing new ones. 

Source: Rapport d’analyse du cycle de vie environnementale et sociale de deux options de gestion du matériel informatique en fin de vie

Your electronic devices are finished?

Please ensure that they will be properly recycled!

Several drop-off points are located throughout Quebec. For the nearest location, consult the EPRA-Quebec web site (Electronic Products Recycling Association)