After Sales Service

Even if all the devices coming from OPEQ have been tested to ensure they work properly,  the lifespan of some system components are unpredictable (power supply, hard drive , display, ...).

Furthermore, some unwanted vibrations may occur during delivery to clients and damage more sensitive parts.  

Should you encounter issued  occur, please contact the manager of the workshop responsible for your order.

To find out which workshop prepared your order ...

For assistance to retrieve the workshop that prepared your order, please contact OPEQ Processing Center.  You will be provided with the appropriate contact to help solve your issues quickly and efficiently.

For workshops, click here.

Warranty Policy

Please note that any reference to OPEQ below includes automatically its workshops partners.


1. Basic warranty

OPEQ provides a three (3) months basic warranty, starting on delivery date, for all types of equipment thru its program.

2. Extended warranty

Our low cost systems (excluding our basic models) are guaranteed one (1) year or three (3) years, starting on delivery date.

3. Fixing or replacing equipment under warranty

If OPEQ is notified of defects during warranty time limits, the workshop will decide whether to repair or replace the defective product. The guarantee is honored only in the workshop.

4. Red carpet offers to schools

OPEQ offers an exclusive five (5) years warranty for our Professional and Performance computers distributed as part of the offer “Red carpet offers to schools!”


  1. If material is missing or damaged on delivery, the client has fifteen (15) days from reception date to report the issue to OPEQ. After which, the shipping will be deemed compliant.
  2. For any reason, a client who wants to return merchandise already delivered must advise OPEQ within fifteen (15) days of the reception. No merchandise will be taken back after that delay. Twenty (20%) percent of its value will be charged to the client for restocking. Transportation fees will be at the client’s expense. If the goods returned were free, ten ($10) dollars per device will be charged. Windows licenses are non refundable.
  3. In case of defect, transportation fees are shared (50/50) between the client and OPEQ.
    1. The client pays from its location to the workshop.
    2. The workshop pays to return to the client.
  4. Devices sent for repair that are not defective will be returned at the sender's expense. In addition, OPEQ may charge back the time spent to test the hardware.
  5. Returned equipment must be properly packaged. In case of damage due to poor packaging, OPEQ may decide to forfeit the warranty or to request the full value of the merchandise. In any case, OPEQ will inform the client of the situation beforehand.


  1. Problems related to the use and / or installation of new software are not covered by warranty.
  2. Defects are not covered by the warrantee if the client used or maintained the product improperly.

Periods of warranty

Description Period (months)
Computers (Basic) 3
Computers (Intermediate) 12
Computers (Professional and Performance) 36
Computers (Professional and Performance)
Red Carpet Offer for schools only
Servers 12
Laptops (Intermediate, Professional and Performance) 36
Monitors 12
(printers are sold with used cartridges; we cannot guarantee how much ink is leftover)
(no warranty on the lamps)


Download the Chrome Remote Desktop extension

This extension allows us to connect remotely to your computer securely over the Internet.

Note: OPEQ is not responsible for any loss of data resulting from a remote connection by one of our technicians.

Download the extension

Assistance technique pour le projet CLIC

Grâce à un partenariat avec le Centre de formation Fierbourg, OPEQ vous offre un service de support informatique pour vous aider en cas de problème avec l’utilisation de votre nouvel ordinateur.

Composez le 1 877 617-OPEQ (6737)

Les heures d’ouverture régulière sont du lundi au vendredi
de 8 h 30 à 11 et
de 12 h 30 à 14 h 30

Pour en connaître plus sur ce projet, vous pouvez consulter le site suivant :