CFS (Computers for Schools)

Programme OPE - Icône Canada

OPEQ has been created in 1998 to manage the Computers for schools program in Québec. Computers for Schools, co-founded in 1993 by Industry Canada and the Telecom Pioneers, refurbishes computers and related equipment donated by governments and businesses. These computers are distributed across Canada to schools, libraries and registered not-for-profit learning organizations, and Aboriginal communities.

To accomplish this mandate, OPEQ has devised a progressive two-fold strategy:

  • Firstly, establish partnerships with refurbishing workshops that contribute to social insertion by hiring young dropouts and developing their social and technical skills in information technology (IT). Ten years ago, this idea was considered groundbreaking. Reemployment was not often heard of.
  • Secondly, collaborate with organizations that specialize in recycling residual matters and components. OPEQ has managed responsibly the technological waste long before the general population was sensitized to the growing accumulation. Now, everyone is aware of this adverse effect of the technological progress. OPEQ only deals with accredited recycling companies that follow strict environmental regulations.

The CFS program is financed in part by the government of Canada.

Computers for Schools Across Canada